Biyernes, Nobyembre 11, 2016

passing thoughts

I do not know how I can possibly change this seemingly routine-type of life.
Like, there could be more surprises than the everyday usual things.
Like, there could be more and deeper meaning to what we call work.
That existence in this world should not be this very mediocre type, that it should be very inspiring at both ends of life’s spectrum.
That this burning source of inspiration should not always mean consuming one’s self.
That life should not be just mere postings in facebook.
That it’s not about the likes, the shares, the reactions and some more instant sources of gratification for one’s selfishness and greedy type of satisfaction for/and recognition.
I want to invest on something that will make me more efficient.
I really wanted to do more of the things from which I can explore.
The hunger of having a mentor, or maybe mentoring one’s self if that could be possible.
That life and its accompanied meaning and purpose should not be that shallow.
Each life’s story should be our very source of humanity.
That I could finally express without hesitations and fear of judgment from the people.
That these sleepless nights will not be put into waste, and should end accomplishing its very purpose.
That life should not mean being alone. That maybe, there are two types of people, one who needs and one who recognized the needy ones.
The freedom to be uniquely one’s self.
There should be satisfaction from one’s way of living without the need for comparison.
That each has a very interesting life.
There is no need for it to be standardized or be put into a common social norm.
And maybe, I should start living this way.

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