Sabado, Nobyembre 21, 2015

We cannot be a true friend for everyone, we can only be at least good to some of them.

And I have those friends
who would most likely consider your attendance as a basis for true friendship.

And I already expected it and I'm used to seeing it
those posts in facebook saying - "Ang tunay na kaibigan hindi nag-iiwanan / naglilimutan."
(or whatever)
lagi naman ganun ang tema ng mga post after mag-meet.
(whether I am there or not)

And here I am, a type of 'friend' who is probably not present in all occasions...
but I think it should not depreciate the value of 'friendship' I have with them.

And of course, we all have the 'reasons' to justify / rationalize our thoughts and actions.
Maybe, our ideologies and philosophies (para malalim lol) didn't just meet halfway.

And so, life continues for everyone.
That's how it is. I guess.

3 komento:

  1. Pero alam mo, friendship requires effort because a relationship is cultivated. Mauunawan naman siguro ng isa't-isa kung hindi ka talaga magiging present, but the mere fact na nagpakita ka, kahit ayaw mo o nagpakita ka at isinakripisyo mo ang ibang commitment mo kahit may mga bagay na dapat mas mabigyan ng priority, it speaks volumes of how important that friendship is to you.

    Pero siyempre ikaw naman ang nakakaalam at nakakakilala sa tao. Do they truly deserve your presence?

    Just saying...

  2. As we get older we find out who are true friends really are :)